VoXX: Mission Statement

mission-voxxAdopted September 9, 2009. Updated August 12, 2010 (new name)

VoXX (formerly known as Ave Maris Stella) is a small vocal ensemble based in midcoast Maine. Repertoire is drawn primarily from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and also embraces other eras and styles. Members aspire to a high level of musicianship, scholarship and excellence in performance. VoXX endeavors to reach a broad audience through enjoyable, powerful musical experiences.

VoXX carries out its mission through:

Performance: Presentation of at least two concert sets yearly, plus shorter performances at festivals and other events. Performances are mostly a capella, with occasional instrumentation added.

Musical information: Concert programs include lively explanations of historical and musical context.

Commitment: Members audition to join VoXX and commit themselves to mastering challenging repertoire and improving their individual skills. Members work as an ensemble and share the joy of the music.

Organization: VoXX is a collaboratively run, all-volunteer organization, with no paid music director or other staff. Members are encouraged to contribute their skills and time toward leading the group and shaping its direction. Qualified members take turns to teach, lead, and conduct the group in musical selections.

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