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VoXX seeks enthusiastic choral singers to join our merry band. Would you like to audition?

FIRST: please read the information below to get a sense of our basic expectations and how our process works.
SECOND: Complete the audition form.

Thanks for your interest in VoXX!
MEMBER EXPECTATIONS (please read before you apply):



  • Rehearsals are held every Wednesday evening from 7-9:00 at Bay Chamber Music School  in Rockport. Attendance is expected.    

    • An additional dress rehearsal may be scheduled at concert time (usually on the Thursday night that precedes concert week).  

  • Singers are encouraged to work on note-learning independently so rehearsal time can be devoted to interpretation, ensemble, and technique. 


  • The group performs at least two concert sets each year, in mid-January and in late June/early July. Singers are expected to perform at all concerts unless prior arrangements are made. 

  • Members are expected to supply or acquire concert attire and music folders which comply with VoXX’s guidelines. Some financial help may be available if purchasing concert attire presents a hardship. 



  • Members pay annual dues of $60 which cover the purchase of scores and a copy of any recordings.  

  • Members who wish to keep their music may purchase it.  



  • VoXX is a collaborative enterprise!  Members are encouraged to put their skills to use and help out. 

    • Join one of the committees that keep the group running and take care of all the little details 

    • Pitch in with setup and breakdown at rehearsals and concerts 

    • Host an after-party, wrangle ushers, spread the word about performances, do publicity tasks, etc. 

  • All members are also encouraged to suggest repertoire for possible inclusion in our concert sets.   

  • As we rely heavily on e-mail and the members’ section of this site for intra-group communication, members are expected to have at least basic connectivity to the web and should check the member site and email on a regular basis. 



The VoXX audition consists of two phases. 

Phase I is an informal meeting with the Music Director and another member of the group of the same voice part.  You should come prepared to run through some warmups and vocal exercises, and sing an a capella solo of your choice. The Music Director assesses vocal quality (range, timbre, technique) and ability (pitch and interval matching, sight reading) and may offer some coaching during this part of the audition.  


If the Music Director considers you a potential fit, you will be invited to Phase II: attending a regular VoXX rehearsal (Wednesdays, 7 – 9 p.m.), paired with the member who observed your Phase I audition. This is your opportunity to experience how VoXX functions as an ensemble, through all aspects of a regular rehearsal, and for VoXX to get a feel for your fit within the group.    

Following Phase II, the Music Director will exchange feedback and discuss the results of your audition with you.   

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